This Is How I Became, Paranoid. I'm in a relationship with the love of my life; I can never really decide what I want to be from week to week. I hate being in the dark, the only time you will find me in the dark is when I'm sleeping. My favorite singer is Gwen Stefani, I have an obsession for men who have beards, And i play Runescape & Pokemon on occasion. I have an extremely eclectic personality and from time to time I truly feel like I'm alone on this planet full of people. Anyways, If you want to get to know more about me follow the links below.
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Following Slowly Fadingsigh&Catholic Boys in Troublestaying classy,Tryinggeneral feelingshave one on mepale rasenganjoeyʎʎʎʎʎʎʎɐɐƃCanadian FreedomDazing DaysLost at sea.The Rural Juror..Getting Beefywe are the wild onesThis is itWe, Equality 7-2521.outgrowth✈Husky is Huskyas time binds all times into one, so let us becomeASTROZMBjust fall.Y G G D R A S I Lim not niceTuskLiberate your mindWhen You Play a Game of Thrones You Win or You DieStay Gone.Dopedickaeturnus florensIANARJAYmaster twinkTheDK159👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽whateverAdamBadamvita pulchra est.Extra HelpingsMadeleine MarieTHE PULP GIRLSMango PrinceShakespeare's tears are drowning Moses in the Nilemy name is OMARDYLANWEASLEY☯☯☯☯☯☯fear of nothing\ / blaze it \ /HOMOGRΔPHIΔS.the land / the seaFilm BennathanLanvinSilver Linings Are Limitless.ode to serotoninEDENCARTERnothing special.Gavin LindemuthMy Fat LifeSamual D. LuffySARAHLAYPHOTO'S TUMBLRDearFatty...Comfortably Share Silencecocks-cumELCORAZÓNOIRElizabethmwrMaxwellaestheticcmelodywhatevercock hungryyacid house.Let There Be CockMy Spank BankC & T Convenients StoreI was just a cardmonochrome fawnJAMIE RYAN DEEPioneer of the New AgeKylelove is all i got.A Few Xtra LBSBEES TAKING SELFIESrilesGOTTA BE CAREFULsweetness and light sad and contriteDude, what day is it again?Be ready bitchno.when does kurapika come backkush♔queenshamelessTOMMY ZEESmile and Move on.revengeGay bears videosZzzz ~(-_-~)i am a god so hurry up with my damn massageThe EncouragerMy Souls Been ShakenTEENWITCHDigital notesDallas HarderWhere the sea meets the land.Jordan DrysdaleFeel it all AroundPretending is okayHairy Blokescode code codeThe Ten Days Cub╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲I'm high how are you?Sweezey on crop//J.R.Looking for Molly?Current Emotion: Fuck me.Well This Is Awkward...LOOK PRETTY ~ p l a y d i r t yPeter And Bobbybe different, see differencediary of a ∞fatGNASH YOUR BABY PEARLS AT HERPretty MuchAnubisLittle Miss DaisyFUCKSLEEPFUCKEat me.Untitledwhere are you going?__________MISÈRE DE LA MODE2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.This is my condensed, internet-friendly life.

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