This Is How I Became, Paranoid. I'm in a relationship with the love of my life; I can never really decide what I want to be from week to week. I hate being in the dark, the only time you will find me in the dark is when I'm sleeping. My favorite singer is Gwen Stefani, I have an obsession for men who have beards, And i play Runescape & Pokemon on occasion. I have an extremely eclectic personality and from time to time I truly feel like I'm alone on this planet full of people. Anyways, If you want to get to know more about me follow the links below.
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Following ride fast or dieBirth Of An Empireode to serotoninY G G D R A S I Lsweetness and light sad and contriteWhen You Play a Game of Thrones You Win or You DieJAMIE RYAN DEESamual D. Luffysighgeneral feelingsaeturnus florensnothing special.want to be the fatest☯Dead Weight☯as time binds all times into one, so let us becomeWeNeedToTalkAboutCocklamprima aurataArmies of NightCanadian Freedomjoeythick dumb lipsTEENWITCHje me sens seul 😔THEY ARE NOT COCKSKAB_843.JPGI'm Lost.Elizabeth&TuskDallas HarderAdamBadamThe Rural Juror..Dazing DaysPioneer of the New Agemoon femmestaying classy,aestheticcmelodyoutgrowth✈godLanvinThis is itDYLANWEASLEYTHE PULP GIRLSFilm Ben† We, Equality 7-2521. †Catholic Boys in Troublevita est is all i got.Gay bears videosBal'a dash, malanore.matthewreamesStereotypical Standards//J.R.Stay Gone.bob loblaw's law blogMadeleine Mariekush♔queendillon hiltonrevengeSmile and Move on.Comfortably Share SilenceTOMMY ZEEwhateverrilesthe land / the seahave one on meGOTTA BE CAREFULcontrol\ / blaze it \ /╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲╱\╲schwarz und weißAcid princessSARAHLAYPHOTOA Few Xtra LBSThe Encourager*vomiting on the inside*C/N.Looking for Molly?HOMOGRΔPHIΔS.mwrJordan DrysdaleCurrent Emotion: Fuck me.monochrome fawnThe Ten Days CubshamelessLost at sea.Pretending is okayherroooooHairy BlokesFeel it all AroundI was just a cardWhere the sea meets the land.Well This Is Awkward...Zzzz ~(-_-~)LOOK PRETTY ~ p l a y d i r t ycode code codeMy Souls Been ShakenPeter And Bobbybe different, see differencechubbydiary of a ∞fatGNASH YOUR BABY PEARLS AT HERPretty MuchAnubisFUCKSLEEPFUCKDigital notesI'm high how are you?Untitledwhere are you going?__________MISÈRE DE LA MODE2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.This is my condensed, internet-friendly life.

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